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January 26, 2011

Mercer Island Remodel & Addition Update

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The work is progressing well at this remodel / addition. The new roof and some of the skylights have been installed. The interior rough framing and HVAC systems are nearly finished. The electrician is busy doing rough-ins. The addition of new window locations at each side of the living room will require the installation of a steel moment frame in the end wall of the Living Room. The masonry crew has been busy with the brickwork around the garage and new porch. The contractor is DLH Construction. The architects’ project manager is Rocky Jones of Peter Swindley Architects, the Structural Engineeris  Eric Rupp from Swenson Say Faget.

January 20, 2011

Under Construction – Hood Canal

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This vacation cabin is under construction on Pulali Point on the west side of Hood Canal. The Contractor is Tim Talbott of TK Design Build. The Project Architect is Denise Steffes. The concrete foundation and basement walls are in place and framing is progressing. More pictures soon! You can also see elevation drawings at

November 3, 2010

Construction Progressing – Evergreen Point, Medina

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This project on Evergreen Point is progressing.  The site required extensive retaining walls for vehicle access to the three car, attached garage. Additional eave framing and knee braces are coming soon. Peter Swindley Project Manager, Rocky Jones. Structural Engineers, Swenson Say Faget, Dan Morrow and Alex Warner. Contractor, American Home Builders, Inc., David Luaulu.

November 2, 2010

Completed – Bellevue

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Recently completed, this elegant home overlooks Maydenbauer Bay in West Bellevue. Interior pictures pending. Built by Stu Johnson of  G. Rodney Johnson Home Builders. Peter Swindley and Pam Suttle, Architects and Wendy Lou, Interior Design.

September 28, 2010

Yarrow Point Remodel

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This garage remodel and addition was recently completed on Yarrow Point. The old detached garage was removed and  an new addition was built to connect the existing house to the new garage. The new garage location was moved back from the street and the landscape and driveway were redesigned. Landscape Architect Jason Henry of The Berger Partnership “remodeled” the landscape to enhance the connection between the landscape and the architecture. Yarrow Point Garage Remodel & AdditionBob Talbott Construction was the general contractor.

August 27, 2010

425 Magazine Article

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A project by Peter  Swindley Architects is featured in the July/August issue of 425 Magazine. The article is called “Planting Roots” and was written by Lisa Patterson with photo’s by Dane Gregory Meyer. The project was a remodel of a 50’s house in South Bellevue’s, Enatai area. Most of the house was “deconstructed” and rebuilt. Stu Johnson of G. Rodney Johnson Construction, was the General Contractor. The project is featured on our website:


April 1, 2010

Under Construction – Evergreen Point, Medina

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The site for this home is a beautiful waterfront property near the north end of Evergreen Point, facing Husky Stadium. The house was designed a couple of years ago but was postponed due to the economy. The original design was for a full two story home with guest quarters above the garage and recreational and media rooms above the kitchen. After the permit drawings were submitted, the owners decided it was a good idea to “down size” a little. Some of the upper story rooms were eliminated and the roof lines were redesigned. Unfortunately about the time the permit was ready, the economy was still too slow, so the construction was put on hold a little longer.

The owners decided late last summer to go ahead and get the house under way. The original house was removed and the extensive site excavation has been completed. Steel pilings with concrete grade beam foundations have been poured. Check back  soon for more construction photos.

March 26, 2010

Moving In – West Seattle

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The construction is complete and the last minute finishing details are being finished. The owners have started to move in to their remodel and the whole family is excited to get back to living in a building instead of the back yard “mobile” home.

The changes to the house have been considerable. The contractor has done a great job working with the client and the client has done a great job keeping communications open with the contractor.

The interiors can now be enjoyed since the removal of masking and drop cloths. The hardwood floors that were original to the house, have survived and the new areas blend well. The owners have added their personality to the interior detailing of the house. Tile, hardware and lighting choices blend well together.

The elevated, backyard deck is complete and awaiting patio furniture and a new bbq grill.  The entry is finally done and the garage door has been installed.

The next step will be landscaping and planting. The owners will be working on this all spring and well into the summer. We look forward to adding more photos of the house being “lived in”.

You can also see additional posts for the West Seattle Remodel at:

March 3, 2010

In Progress – Hood Canal

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New cabin for Hood Canal.

Project Architect, Denise Steffes.

Building Elevations


March 2, 2010

Under Construction – Seattle Magnolia

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Addition and Remodel

Project Architect, Daniel Keating

Interior Design, Pamela Horton

General Contractor Quattro Amici Design LLC.

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